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Forever's gonna start tonight

On May 5th 2015, I had the great fortune to attend a show at 54 Below in New York City called Total Eclipse: The Music of Jim Steinman, directed by Pat Cerasaro, with a setlist picked out by Jim himself. A few days before the show, Pat asked me to "PLEASE consider doing a blog" about it. Well... I'm happy to oblige!

Before the show started I had the opportunity to interact with many Steinmaniacs including Jim's college friend and Dream Engine co-star Barry Keating, Jim's webmaster Jacqueline Dillon, and Jim's long-time co-producer Steven Rinkoff -- all of whom I'd previously met at Jim's commencement speech at Amherst College in 2013. Barry signed my copy of the program from his musical Starmites and informed me that he and Pat would be putting on a new Starmites show at 54 Below in July. Jacqueline told me how much she loved the photo I'd recently dug up of Jim as a student in college.

I was also excited to meet Kim Friedman. You may know her as t…