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Reading by the light of a lost Christmas day

So I wrote these words, and I hope they last
For the years have come, and the years have passed
Think of all they gave, think of all the debt
But can't find a way, to repay them yet For the days still come, and the debts still mount
And do words unsaid, ever really count
But sometimes still, in the dead of night
I can see them there, in the pale moonlight I am trying
And I don't know how
And I don't know when
But I'll have to tell them someday

("Someday", lyrics by Paul O'Neill)Going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been somewhat of an annual Christmas tradition for me. I saw them in Raleigh in 2008, 2009, and 2010; and in Atlanta in 2011. Each of these shows revolved around TSO's first album Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

In 2012, however, TSO decided to change up their live show and focus on a different album, The Lost Christmas Eve. I was psyched because that is my favorite album in their Christmas trilogy.

When they first announc…