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Rock and roll dreams come through

"It became a very mythic, important thing to me to never forget that every song you write, every record you make, ultimately is for that kid in Wisconsin. Or that weirdo in Alabama, or the banker in Kansas, the young couple starting out in California, the kid in the ghetto in Oakland, it doesn't matter. It just always ends up being some kid under the covers with headphones on. And I honestly don't know of any other business where you can so majestically reach so many people on such a vast scale, but also so intimately, urgently, and passionately get into the bloodstream of their lives. And I have to say that all this award means, ultimately, is that it's for the kid in Wisconsin. And he's the one I'm always working for. So, kid, this award is for you. And I really have to say, without being sentimental, that it's a great honor to be a part of the soundtrack of your life every time I write a song and every time you get a chance to hear it."  (excerpt f…